We listened to what people wanted in a search engine.

GoPit is a search engine built by its users!

The GoPit Timeline

Perfection takes time!


The founders of GoPit began researching a way to develop a better search engine. Hundreds of hours were spent researching through blogs, forums and online focus groups to find what search engine users really were wanting.


We then created a new blueprint for GoPit programming which included new features. More categories, interaction and more visualization were added based on user preferences gathered through our focus group research.


The First initial development began to create a search engine based on the in depth research we had gathered. After spending countless hours of programming the first working concept of GoPit search engine was completed.


After spending over a thousand additional hours of programming we launched our first official beta version of Gopit search engine. After a final review through our focus groups we now were ready for the final version of GoPit.


GoPit search engine concept was then presented to focus groups. This allowed us to gathering research directly from users experiences. Based on the knowledge gained, we were ready to begin the steps for final programming.

2015 – 2016

In October 2015, GoPit desktop search engine was officially launched for all to enjoy. In August 2016, we launched our beta version of the GoPit mobile search app for IOS and Android with all of the same great features as our desktop version

The Future

We are always looking to improve the GoPit search engine and have many projects in the works. This won’t be possible with out our users input. Let us know what you think of GoPit and what you want out of your search engine. Unlike many other search engines, our ears are always open to innovative ideas and how we can make it better. Remember, this is YOUR search engine!

GoPit Search Engine

Giving our users what they asked for!



We take our users privacy seriously. GoPit will not collect any personal information, therefor we will never share any of your personal information with anyone. What you search on GoPit is completely your own business and no one else!



A more visual search result will help our users find the information much faster over other search engines. Some features, like result thumbshots and quicklook, allow users to quickly sort through the data with out wasting their time.



GoPit is like having all the popular search engines in one place. You no longer have to visit several search engines to find what what you can through GoPit. With all the top search engines in one place, we simplify your search experience.



GoPit is the first social search engine that allows users to interact with results. Users can leave comments on anything they search through any of the search categories provided. Now you can voice your opinion on a social search engine.



Unlike other search engines where it will have you do all the work to find your results. GoPit will do the work for you through simplified refinement of searches. Type your keyword or phrase and watch GoPit do all the work for you.



Along with being directly interactive with users, we allow our users to share almost every result through all the popular social networks. There is now an unlimited amount of material that can be added to your social network through GoPit.

The GoPit Difference

We’re different from the others!

User Features and Control!

You will find some great features to assist with better search results and to personalize your search experience. With features like grid view, thumbshots and quicklook you can now sort quickly through search results without wasting valuable time. You can personalize your search engine with custom backgrounds, set language preferences and search specific regions through advanced search tools. With our social search options you can now share or comment on almost every search result provided through our share and comment features.

More Search Categories to Choose From!

You will find that GoPit offers more search categories in one place. If you are wanting more than just Web, images, videos and news results, then GoPit is the search engine for you. In addition to the traditional search categories you will find many other popular search categories like blogs, deals, documents, government, jobs, local, maps, reviews, tickets and travel. You can now access results from one place without being redirected to other search engines. With more search categories like shopping, events and real estate coming in the very near future.

A Search Engine That is Working For You!

Because of all the features and search categories GoPit offers will allow you to enter your keyword and let GoPit do all the work. In many cases you will not need to enter a long keyphrase or keep retyping your keyword to match the search result you are wanting. Simply use the provided tools, features or search categories to easily refine and sort your results based on relevancy. In, addition, we offer an advanced search tool that allows you to drill down your search with inclusion and exclusion ability. Gopit does the work for you to save you both time and frustration.

Save Search Results to Your Own Personal My Search Account!

We offer you the ability to set up a free My Search account that will allow you to login and save any search result from any of our search categories. Simply login to your My Search account, do your search and when you want to save a search simply click on the star icon presented next to the result and it will save the result to your personal My Search account. You can sort and organize the saved results in personal files which can be accessed at anytime by simply logging in to your account. All personal search accounts are not tracked and are completely private.

A More Efficient Search Engine to Find Your Results Faster!

We will be the first to tell you that our page load speeds take a few seconds to load. This is because we offer a more visual result. With the features we offer as well as a more visual result, you will be able to find the information you are looking for much faster than previous search experiences. In our focus group studies GoPit users found the results they were looking for in as much as a quarter of the time over other search engines. So, if you can deal with a few extra seconds for result pages to load you will find those seconds will save you minutes and even hours.

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Let us know what you think

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Let us know what you think

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