We originally only developed the maps for our Local and Deals search to allow user to location local business and daily deals.

We then decided to add Maps as a stand alone fully functioning map search with ability to locate popular local business, search addresses and get directions. We felt that if a user is in our search app, we want to give them the option to stay within the app if an address or business needed to be searched.

Upon the recent release the there was one vital feature that was not yet complete. This was the route guidance tracking for the directions.

We will be releasing this map guidance tracking function in the map very soon on one of our next update.

How this will work is after you have searched “Get Directions” to an address, you will get the current text route display that we provide. We will be then adding a “Start Route” button at the bottom of the text route, when clicked it will open the route guidance in your current phone’s map. The map will open in parallel to the GoPit detailed directions.

So now you will get the detailed route guidance to any directions you search within GoPit maps. You will also have the current route guidance you may be already a custom to using.

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