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Help Q&A

The following help is for the desktop. We provide a separate help section for mobile search directly in the app.

What platforms and devices can I use with GoPit?
GoPit is provided on all platforms whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We have optimized GoPit to work through our desktop version for all PCs, laptops and tablets (including iPad and iPad Mini).


Our mobile app is available for IOS and Android. You can download our mobile app for Android tablets and IOS iPads in addition to using our desktop version if you choose.

How do I see the search categories and features GoPit provides?
On any of the pages you will see three icons: home-search-drop-down-ico home-settings home-sign-up

home-search-drop-down-ico Categories: To easily select any of the search categories GoPit provides in addition to the More option in search box, you can access this from any of our pages.

home-settings Tools: To change your preferred search display settings, background, language or search location, you can select this option. In addition, we provide other helpful tools and links through the Tools menu.

home-sign-up My Search: By having a GoPit My Search account you are able to save searches for future viewing and post comments or reviews on results. GoPit My Search accounts are free and simple to sign up. You can also sign up or login through your Facebook or Twitter account if you prefer. All My Search accounts are private and not tracked to assure your privacy.

How do I select a search category?
To select from the many search categories we provide can be done two ways.

The main search box will provide five of the most common search categories Web, Images, Videos, News and Local for quick searches. To see all the additional search categories from the search box, select the More and a sub-menu with the additional search categories will be displayed. Once you select the search category from sub-menu, the More search box will change to selected search category, ready for you to enter your search query.


You can select all the search categories GoPit provides on any of the page by selecting the Search Categories home-search-drop-down-ico. You will then be provided all the search categories Gopit has to offer. Click on the search category icon and the search box will automatically change to your selected search category. Enter your search query, click the search search-select-ico  or press enter and your results will be displayed.

Can I do an advanced search?
GoPit provides the ability to do a deep refined search using our Advanced search option. You can search particular websites, exclude websites or words from results as well as drill down a keyword or phrase.

Advanced searching can be done by:

Selecting the Advance Search in the main search box from home page. When selected, the Advanced search box will be displayed.


Click the More search box button, from the sub-menu select Advanced and the the Advanced search box will be displayed.

How do I change the language?
To change the language, go to the Tools home-settings, then select Global globalico. You will see the Language drop down menu where you can select from several languages. By changing the language, it will change all the search category titles to selected language and not the search result text. If you want to change the search results text to a particular language this can be done by selecting from the Search Result Location in the Global settings
Can I only have search results from a certain country?
Yes! This can be done by selecting the Tools home-settings, then Global  globalico, then select a particular country from the Search Results Location drop down menu. Only search results from that selected country will show in the results.
How do I change the location of search results?
By default the setting is to automatically detect your approximate location by your IP address. You can easily change this directly in the search box location field to a location of your choice.

You may also turn the auto-detection off by going to Tools home-settings , then select Advanced advancedico. Under the Search Location, check the “Don’t use my location” and this will turn off the auto-detection. You would then need to manually enter a location for specific search categories that require a location to provide results.

How do you turn the page to next set of results?
Most of our search categories use what is called infinite scroll. All you need to do is scroll the page down until you see the green rotating lights and the page will automatically add the next set of results. You can continue to do this to see multiple results on one page. After the second set of results is loaded we provide an up button to return to the top of results if needed.

Troubleshooting: If you are having issues with infinite scroll try refreshing the page.

Certain browser zoom levels or screen resolutions can effect the infinite scroll.

To adjust the zoom level you can click the “Ctrl” on keyboard, while scrolling the page scroll on mouse to change the page zoom level. You should see an option in top right menu of browser which will allow you to “Set as Default” or 100% zoom level. By doing this should fix the infinite scroll to allow page turns for additional results display.

What is the easiest way to find local businesses?
With GoPit we have made it easy to search local businesses. You will simply select the Local search category, enter your search keyword in the first search box, then enter the location you are wanting to get the results. If you have enabled your location in the settings, then the detected location will automatically be entered in the search location box. This can be changed manually at any time through the search process.

By offering a separate Local search category will make it much easier to sort through results for local businesses directly. With GoPit you won’t need to do your local searches through the Web category like many search engines today have you do. This only confuses local results with global results and makes it harder to decipher from each.

The same process used to find local business results also applies to GoPit’s Jobs and Deals search categories. Easily find local job postings and deals with a click of a button.

How do I switch between list view and grid view?
On all the result pages, you will see two buttons List and Grid. Simply select which view option you would like the results displayed from these two options.

If you would like to permanently switch to Grid view from List (default), go to the Tools home-settings under the Search Display, check the the Grid view, then click the Save. This will permanently switch all the results to Grid view.

What is Quick Look and can I view all the results in Quick Look?
The Quick Look quicklook-ico is available in most results we provide. The Quick Look allows you to view a website page in a pop up frame to quickly view the websites content with out losing your place on search result page.

Quick Look for Images will allow you to view a larger view of the image in the frame.

Quick Look for Videos will allow you to view the video directly in the frame.

Quick Look for Documents will provide the selected document to be viewed in the frame that can be downloaded directly from the frame.

Most informational sites (i.e. Wikipedia) will be allowed in the Quick Look frame. There are some websites that don’t allow their content to be viewed in the Quick Look frame because of sensitive information or security concerns.

If you click on the Quick Look and no website is displayed within five seconds, then more than likely that selected website isn’t allowed to be viewed in a Quick Look frame. You may get an instant notice that the website can’t be viewed in the Quick Look frame depending on your browser.

Quick Look is not available for Social or Travel categories.

What is the best way to search for tickets?
This will depend on what you are searching for when it comes to ticket searches. If you are looking for tickets to a particular event, then simply type in a search keyword for the artist or sports team. If you are looking for event tickets in a particular area, then type in the location (i.e. phoenix,az) and you will get all the events in that location. You can then refine your results by Events, Performers or Venues in the Ticket search.
What is the best way to search for deals?
We offer two primary ways to search for deals in your selected area. The first way is to simply not enter a keyword in the search box and “All Deals” in that selected area will be displayed. The next way is to enter a specific keyword and it will refine your results to the selected keyword and present the results if available.

You can also search for “Printable” coupons in selected area which will require a keyword to provide results. If you are getting no results from deals, try changing the location and/or keyword to provide results.

How do you share the search results on social networks or by email?
With many of our search categories we provide the option to share individual results directly on your social networks or by email. Under each result you will see the Share share-icoicon.

Click on the Share icon and a box will pop up with the available share locations such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Email and many more.

To share a result is very simple. You select the result to share, then the social network, it will then prompt you to login to your social network (if you are not already logged in). After you have logged into social network, you will click the post button and it will then post the GoPit search result to your social network wall, post, page, etc.

Make sure you don’t share content that violates ownership rights of respective owners. You can view our Terms to find out more.

How do I comment on search results?
In order to make a comment on a search result or post a review on a business, you will need to be logged in to your My Search account. You will see the Comment comments-icos under each search result. Click the Comment icon and you can post your comment on the result or the actual website itself.

Please don’t post obscene comments when making your posts on results or businesses. We don’t tolerate spam in any form and posting spam will violate our Terms and your account will be banned.

Can I add GoPit search to my browser?
Yes! Simply go to the Tools home-settings , then select the Plugin pluginico . You will then be given instructions on how to add GoPit to your browser. After you have added GoPit to your browser, go to your browsers settings and set GoPit as default search option.
How do I get GoPit's mobile app?
When you go to through a supported mobile device, it should prompt you to download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play. If you are not prompted from the home page, you can also go to our Mobile page to access the download for the preferred device.