We are approximately eight weeks away from completion of our complete mobile app Shopping search that will sure to be a favorite of our users.

The shopping search will allow you to search for products and get the best prices from over 3,000 local and online retailers.

The displayed results will provide all of the needed price comparisons, product/merchant reviews, shipping/tax calculations and product deals when available.

One of the innovative features is that you will not only have the option to purchase from online retailers, you will with some products have the option to purchase directly from the nearest local retailers as well. Our location detection will match your location with the nearest retailer in your area. If the product is in stock, you can then go to the retailer directly and make your purchase.

So now you will have a powerful online and local shopping search directly within our app.

Another feature is you will have the ability to instantly compare pricing with other popular shopping sources like Amazon and eBay to go along with our shopping price comparisons.

GoPit Shopping Search will be the only tool you need to find all the best deals both online and in your local area.

Online shopping will never be the same!

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