Mobile Search App Features


Great Features Offered in the Mobile Search App by GoPit

Here you can explore some of the capabilities and features offered in the GoPit mobile search app. Currently for mobile smartphone users, GoPit mobile search app is the best optimized search option offered. iPad and tablet users can use either the mobile app and/or desktop version of GoPit.

General Search Categories and Features

Visual Relevant Results

All of the Web results are presented with visual results and relevant to your search.

Stunning Image Results

The Image results are presented for easy viewing with many options.

Get Your Video Fix

Scroll through hundreds of videos with great options and presentation.

Worldwide News Search

Find out what is happening around the world with the News search category.

Social Search Ability

You now have a full social search that searches all the popular social networks.

Local Business Search

Find local business through Local search and get complete business details.

Helpful Document Search

Search for PDF, Excel, PPT, Word or TXT documents and download directly.

Search Government Websites

The most needed but never offered search category is offered now at GoPit.

Complete Job Search

Search local job postings from all of the top job search providers.

Daily Deals Search

Now you can see the daily deals from over 30 providers in one easy search.

Integrated Map Search

Search and get directions… Soon to come is direct integration to phone’s map provider.

Event Ticket Search

Search all the ticket sites and compare the best prices for any events.

Built-In Full Travel Search

Full Service Travel Search

You can search and book travel directly in mobile search app from GoPit Travel.

Integrated Map Search

Search flights and get the best prices to your desired destination through app.

Hotel Search Engine

Search local hotels instantly or entered a desired location for best hotel prices.

Need a Car Rental?

Book car rentals from all over the world from all the popular car rental providers.

Direct Cruise Line Search

Search and book your dream cruise from all of the popular cruise lines in one place.

Vacation Activities Search

If your looking for tours and activities we provide direct booking and deals.

A More Interactive and Useful Features


Share the Results

Share results with friends by message, email or social network posts.

Stay in the App

The Quick Look option presents the result’s website directly in app.

Interact With Results

Give your opinion and socially interact with the results – “The Social Search Engine

Access to Search Categories

Easy access all of the search engine categories from the main home page of app.

Simple Navigation

Easily navigate to the most popular search categories with a click on your finger.

Search Where You Want

Search by detected location or easily switch to a desired location for local results.

Save Time With Your”My Search” Account


Access to Your My Search

Sign up and login to “My Search” account and save all your favorite searches.

Simple My Search Dashboard

It’s not rocket science to use your “My Search” dashboard to view favorite searches.

All Your Saved Results

All your saved favorite results nicely displayed within your account.

Access to All Search Features

Use all the great share options, comments and features as with direct results.

Organize Your Favorites

Set up your own files to organize all your save favorite results with easy access.

Move or Delete Favorites

You can delete your saved favorite searches or move to a personal file.