Mobile Search Has Just Been Simplified!




Multiple Search Engines Under One Roof!

GoPit Mobile Search App is like having several search engines in one app. What ever you are needing to search for can now be done through one simplified application.

Interactive Social Search Ability!

You will now have the most socially interactive search tool available. GoPit allows you to interact with search results, share all results directly to your social networks and save favorite searches to a personal My Search account.

Download the GoPit App and Clean Up Your App Clutter!


And more to come…

Currently in production is GoPit’s Build Your Own Search. This will allow you to quickly add from over 40 search categories directly to the search app favorites. With one click on your finger you will have the search categories directly available for instant results.

We have designed GoPit search to be the first fully social search engine that provides more search capabilities from one location. GoPit Mobile App is your all-in-one search tool to get the job done!

I am absolutely impressed with this app. The GoPit mobile app has found a solution to gap the social networks and search engines directly from one place. In addition the search options are well thought out and provides a much more complete search option than anything currently available. This app is a job well done!


Daniel D.

CEO, Intermedia

I was originally taken away by the GoPit desktop and then I was able to try the mobile application. Now I am even more taken away with the search app. One thing I do is a lot of searching with my job and GoPit has saved me so much time with the simple refinement of the searches. Along with the social aspect and saving of searches it is a real refreshing development.


Rebecca L.

Legal Secretary, Hart & Davis

Thanks for letting test out your app as this was a surprise to see how well put together this is. Very simple to use and loads of valuable searchable information. I love the add to favorite feature as I do a lot of research and this will save me a bunch of time. You are most certainly on to something here. I can’t wait to see the full release.


Jerry P.

Internet Marketer, Ettle Publishing