While the app is still going through its infancy stages, the result thumbshots may not show up on all of the searches. We are currently caching the thumbshots and the more you search, the more often they will show up.

A Little Trick to Get the Result Thumbshots to Display

Here is a little tricks to get the result thumbshots to show up in the results, and it only takes a couple additional seconds of your time.

After you get a result page with no thumbshots such as shown below:



Click the popular search categories button, (center green button shown in image above)

You will then select any other search category other than the one you are currently searching, i.e. Images as shown here:


You can then immediately go back to your original search category you want the thumbshots to be displayed:


You will then see the thumbshots display for the result page.

As mentioned we are currently caching millions of thumbshots and you will see in the near future we will have many of these thumbshots displayed on your first search.

Did You Know You Can Turn the Thumbshot Display Off?

If you are wanting more traditional text only results, then you can turn off the thumbshots if you prefer.

Go to the mobile app settings page, then select the “Search Settings



Turn the “Display Thumbshots in Results” to OFF as shown in image above.

You will then get all your results with no thumbshots as shown here:


By turning off the thumbshots will not effect the results.

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