Word Tools

crossworddicCrossword Dictionary
Find answers to crossword puzzles, anagrams and cryptograms.
www.oneacross.com – Crosswords


intanagramInternet Anagram Server
Remarkable, robust anagram lookup service from Wordsmith.
wordsmith.org/anagram – Anagrams


Writing tool for poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, and more.
www.rhymezone.com – Rhymes


wordcounterWord Frequent Counter
Artistic experiment that presents 86,800 English words, ranked in order of frequency.


wordcountoolWord Total
Word tool allows you to get a total word count for sentences, paragraphs, etc.


Java-based word cloud generator. Customizable fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
www.wordle.net – Collages


writerymesWrite Rhymes
Simple online notepad with rhyme suggestions for poets.
www.writerhymes.com – Rhymes